Errors in stainless steel wire manufacturing

Some misunderstandings in stainless steel wire manufacturing. So what are the common mistakes?

A, stainless steel wire, often appear in the line of sight of people, is one of the more widely used industrial raw materials, steel in a wide range of stainless steel wire products, steel surface is beautiful and has become attract consumers to quickly order a major bright spot, in general, appearance should be smooth and clean the steel wire points more get the favour of customers, but the fact is, The beauty of the appearance and the quality of stainless steel wire is not directly related.

Two, manual and machine made of stainless steel wire there is no difference. In appearance, stainless steel wire made by machine is more beautiful than manual, and the finished product made by machine is stronger; In addition, manual welding also needs to consume more manpower and material resources, there are also safety risks, so compared, the advantages of the finished mechanism is self-evident.

Three, in order to reduce the cost, the selection of stainless steel wire is mostly small, which is mainly based on the actual needs of customers, but if blindly think small is not scientific, to specific problems specific analysis.

In fact, the above three wrong views can be easily overcome as long as the technician is careful and attentive. Once the error can not be faced, ultimately can only be evolved into the production process of obstacles, the production of stainless steel wire will also increase the pressure.

Post time: Sep-27-2022