Stainless heavy plates select the method

Stainless heavy plates friction resistance, can reasonably avoid falling, and then maintain people from falling damage. Suitable for wastewater treatment, drinking water, thermal power plant outdoor and other industrial production fields, ladder step is also used for mechanical equipment ground skid and room ground skid. Stainless heavy plates with ground anti-slip, anti-rust treatment, anti-corrosion characteristics, durable, beautiful appearance design generous. So we know how to choose good quality Stainless heavy plates? Let's take a look below.

1, to pay attention to the selection of Stainless heavy plates production and manufacturing materials. Since some products are made of plastic and rubber, many of the Stainless heavy platess on sale are actually very shoddy and have a pungent smell. Weird smells are never safe. If let teenager children climb above take, can bring about safety hidden trouble very likely.

2, second, we can observe the Stainless heavy plates above the ground non-slip line is how to formulate. At present, there are many kinds of ground anti-slip grain design, such as points and lines, parallel lines or other wire frame. These, the ground anti-slip characteristics are very strong and weak, we can choose our favorite Stainless heavy plates according to their own.

3, in the selection of Stainless heavy plates, but also need to pay attention to the specifications of the PCB circuit board, because the assembly of Stainless heavy plates is the same specifications. The characteristic of Dali SLATE is joint place is little, assemble GO DOWN more save time save labor. Stainless steel slabs feature a wide variety of intricate flooring types.

4, the use of Stainless heavy plates. Also need to pay attention to its stain resistance and cleaning problems. Some Stainless heavy plates is pure broken "disposable" goods, very easy to dirty, basically can't be cleaned. You can choose the Stainless heavy plates that can be cleaned many times.

Post time: Sep-20-2022