Stainless steel tube hardness test method?

Stainless steel tube hardness how to test? Stainless steel tube in the process of use, reasonable hardness testing is very important, so how do we use the right way to stainless steel tube hardness testing?
Mechanical properties testing methods are mainly divided into two categories, one is tensile test, one is hardness test.
Tensile test is made of stainless steel tube sample, tensile testing machine will pull the sample to fracture, and then determine one or several mechanical properties, usually only test tensile strength, yield strength, elongation after breaking and section shrinkage. Tensile test is the basic mechanical properties of metal materials test method, almost all metal materials, as long as there is a requirement for mechanical properties, have specified tensile test. Especially for those materials whose shape is not convenient for hardness test, tensile test becomes a means of testing mechanical properties.
Hardness test is to slowly press a hard indenter into the surface of the sample under specified conditions, and then test the indentation depth or size, in order to determine the size of the hardness of the material. Hardness test is a simple, rapid and easy to implement method in mechanical property test of materials. The hardness test is non-destructive and there is an approximate conversion relationship between the hardness value and the tensile strength value of the material. The hardness value of the material can be converted to the tensile strength value, which has great practical significance. Because tensile tests are not easy to test, and because hardness is easy to convert to strength, materials are increasingly tested only for hardness and less for strength. Especially because of the continuous progress of hardness tester manufacturing technology and innovation, some of the original can not directly test the hardness of the material, such as stainless steel tube, stainless steel plate and stainless steel belt, now have possible direct test hardness. Therefore, when stainless steel tube is tested for hardness, these details need to be done to ensure its good performance.

Post time: Feb-27-2023