The main elements in stainless steel


The main elements in stainless steel

As a special steel product with more added value, stainless steel has more and more applications, whether it is in civil fields such as decoration, kitchenware, home appliances, etc.; or in industrial fields such as petrochemicals, mechanical equipment, etc., it has been widely used. The current market prospects for high-quality stainless steel products are still promising. Below, let us understand the functions of the main relevant elements required to produce stainless steel together:

Nickel: The most important core element of nickel-based stainless steel, which can increase the strength and toughness of steel and improve hardenability. When the content is high, some physical properties of steel and alloy can be significantly changed, and the corrosion resistance of steel can be improved.

Manganese: It can increase the strength of steel, weaken and eliminate the harmful effects of sulfur, and improve the hardenability of steel. High-alloy steel (high manganese steel) with high manganese content has good wear resistance and other Physical properties.

Chromium: can improve the hardenability and wear resistance of steel, and can improve the corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance of steel.

Vanadium: It can refine the grain structure of steel and improve the strength, toughness and wear resistance of steel. When it melts into austenite at high temperature, it can increase the hardenability of steel; on the contrary, when it exists in the form of carbides, it will reduce its hardenability.

Molybdenum: can significantly improve the hardenability and thermal strength of steel, prevent temper brittleness, and improve remanence and coercivity.

Titanium: can refine the grain structure of steel, thereby improving the strength and toughness of steel. In stainless steel, titanium can eliminate or reduce the intergranular corrosion of steel.

Copper: Its prominent role is to improve the atmospheric corrosion resistance of ordinary low-alloy steel, which is more obvious when used in conjunction with phosphorus.

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