The necessity of keeping the surface of stainless steel sheet clean!

Stainless steel sheet has very good ductility, can use stainless steel sheet as raw material to produce and process a variety of goods, and now this kind of plate has a lot of application in the production and manufacturing enterprises of engineering construction and steel product output. The board only for the development trend of industrial production and manufacturing industry also plays a proactive role that can not be ignored.
Nowadays, stainless steel sheet is loved by many customers. The surface of the plate is smooth and smooth. It is also very convenient for people to make stainless steel sheet with high ductility and compressive strength. In addition, the reliability of the board is also very high, the application of such raw materials made of goods is not easy to suffer from the harm of the natural environment, can remain unchanged for a long time.
Many people think that stainless steel is not corroded, but stainless steel corrosion resistance is excellent, because the surface layer produces a layer of purified film, in nature, it exists in the shape of a more stable compound. In other words, although stainless steel is not the same according to the application standard, the air oxidation level is different, but finally is oxidized by air, this situation is generally called erosion.
In order to exceed the greater corrosion resistance and aesthetic generosity, the surface layer of stainless steel sheet must be clean. If the stainless steel and surface smoothness are properly selected, and the cleaning program is carried out on time, it will result in excellent characteristics and longer service life. It is necessary to avoid surface environmental pollution and the generation of alluvium on the surface of stainless steel sheet. The alluvium will be fine particles of iron or rust created during construction. Industrial production and even natural air standards create the same corrosive alluvial, such as salt alluvial under the deep-sea standard.
Therefore, the stainless steel surface must be cleaned and maintained on time to maintain its surface and increase its service life. Cleaning stainless steel surface must pay attention to do not produce surface scratch condition, to prevent the application of bleach ingredients and grinding liquid cleaning liquid, steel wire brush, grinding tools, etc., in order to remove the cleaning liquid, clean the surface with cold water after cleaning.

Post time: Feb-20-2023